A Practical and Comfortable Life

Details of high style designed functionally by the designers of By Kepi.

Relax with the Details in which you will find peace

This is the best moment have been waiting for all the day adorned with the specially detailed comfort.

Your New Address for Taste

Your family and guests will taste every recipe prepared elaborately and get fascinated with your new place for taste.

Joyous Minutes hidden in the Elegancy of View

Hidden corner of the house to find peace owing to its spacious design and modern style.

Your Own Nature

You are inside the nature thanks to its garden, terrace and landscaping properties that are individually selected with caution.

Embrace Life

Your home turns into a summer house owing to an open swimming pool provided in a width and design beyond the standards. Freedom of the ability to swim in any season in the closed swimming pool opening to the nature is also waiting for you. 

Time to Relax and Freshen up

Spa alternative for those who wish to get away from stress and clear the mind and Sauna alternative for those who wish to relax at the place where you want to be.

Entrance serves for the first recognition of your house

There is a comfortable way to enter your house thanks to 10 high lobby entrances and elevators ensuring ease of access.

Provide a House for your Guests not a Room

Special guest flats with pool view, equipped with fine details for crowded guests, rather than squeezing into the house.